You’ve VOMITED on the Healthcare Hamster Wheel Breaking news…this just in...

It’s being reported worldwide that there seems to be some strange phenomenon of people’s heads spinning around-360 degrees. From what eyewitnesses are saying, it’s like something right out the movie “The Exorcist”.
We don’t know yet what’s causing this. So far, it seems the people experiencing this strange phenomenon, have just had a doctor’s appointment… That’s all we know right now. We’ll keep you posted!”

Is this you? So fed-up, you’ve gone demonic.

Another pointless doctor’s appointment……done with their devil-may-care attitude. Time to leave them at the altar.
DESPERATE to feel better, you are hot to trot to find that illusive treasure – the fountain of “thriving health”.
Like Sleeping Beauty, you’re ready to come ALIVE again (sorry, you won’t be smooching a Prince or Princess to do so though).
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