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Ready To Decode Your Medical Mystery

and say Hello to THRIVING and Goodbye to just SURVIVING.

“I’ve been sick for so long, I can’t even remember what it’s like not to be sick. Maybe I should just accept this is just my new normal”…

Is this what you’re thinking?

Or, maybe you’re wondering…

“What if this doesn’t work- like all the other things I’ve tried? Or, what happens when I DO discover the root cause(s) to my ailments? What if I can’t do it because I don’t have the energy, or am too sick to even try to heal, or I have to change everything about my life …”

Dibble Dabble – if this is YOUR monkey mind? Time to put a screetching halt on the rabbit hole madness!

But skip to my Lou, my darlin, I feel you…when you’re sick and struggling…everything can seem overwhelming. It did for me too!

My E True Hollywood Story…For YEARS, the only way I could get through the day was to break it down into 60 second intervals. I had a timer and I would literally close my eyes and breathe deeply, desperately trying to make it 60 seconds. When the timer dinged, I’d do all over again, and again, and again…

Twiddly diddly dee, those were “shadow dancing” days and not days I will EVER repeat!
Even at my most daunting and darkest hour, I was still frantically scratching and clawing my way out of the quicksand. There wasn’t a program like this back then.
I had do all the research myself, which forced me to drill down to the core of my being and summon every ounce of willpower I had (everyday) – as I could barely function.
It was either that or die! No joke! It was the most tortorous existence imaginable and I could NOT continue like that. Not one more day!

But doesn’t have to be that way for you!!

By following my comprehensive approach, marrying holistic with allopathic, we’ll focus on uncovering the root cause(s) to your ailments- then design a treatment plan with specific protocols for your situation.

THE HONOR OF YOUR PRESENCE IS REQUESTED in unearthing your Mystery Illness & Chronic diseases root cause(s)… and OBLITERATING them from existence.

With access to…

The “Quantum Leap to Wellness” Program

Scooby Dobby doo, we got some work to do…

Nope, you don’t get to click your heals three times and do a Freaky Friday switch with a healthy body…and my Magic 8 ball is on the fritz… so we do it the old fashion way.

Let me introduce the 1:1, twelve month, “Quantum Leap to Wellness” immersion program.

No fiddlesticks, for the next 12 months we are going to be joined at the hip like Siamese twins. The program is tailored specifically to you but here’s a peek-a-boo at the meat and potato framework.

We’ll begin joining Holistic and Allopathic approaches in holy matrimony…(functional medicine)

“What’s your poison?” the bartender asks.

We’ve all heard that, right? Most of us have “been there, done that”!

Well, achy breaky heart, it’s not JUST alcohol. Food can also be a poison, as well as many environmental factors. We are living in one of the most toxic times ever – unbeknownst to most. The good news is that the right food can also be used as medicine…


We’ll get wise to:

  • What your poison(s) are, exactly what they are doing to your body, how they play into the root cause(s) of your ailments, and how to effectively eliminate them from your life.
  • What your medicinal foods are that will start repairing your body at a core cellular level.


We’ll deep sea dive into:

  • What your environmental poisons are and how to counteract them. These range from cleaners you use in the home, topical items you put on your skin, mold, gas fumes, toxins hidden in supplements and pharmaceuticals…and the list goes on.

  • The importance of cleansing the body, what that means, and what steps to take. This is a fundamental step in rebalancing the body, but sadly it is typically overlooked.

  • The body-health commitment – what it takes in today’s world! Most of us take our bodies for granted…like I did…until I didn’t. The majority of us don’t take time to learn and understand our bodies except at a very basic level (if that). We aren’t committed to nurturing and caring for our bodies. We rarely acknowledge what they do for us on a daily basis – until they malfunction -then they have our attention.



Allopathic medicine is western medicine – “the treatment of disease by conventional means, i.e., with drugs having opposite effects to the symptoms”.

Yes, our traditional healthcare system can be disappointing and frustrating but there is a time and place for it. Like when I needed a five-hour spinal surgery. Boy did I love western medicine then, not to mention my kick-ass neurosurgeon!

The downside is that there are many situations where western medicine doesn’t serve us. In all fairness, healthcare professionals are taught to listen to symptoms (as quickly as possible), write a prescription and send people on their way. So, you got to learn the system.

We’ll smoke out:

  • What root causes mean in western medicine and how that affects you.
  • What the real story is about labs and bloodwork – why excessive amounts may make you worse.
  • Whether you need any labs (some may be included in the program) at this moment.
  • What you should be looking for in lab values (most healthcare professional have this way wrong).
  • When to use pharmaceuticals and when not to (some medicines may be included with this program).
  • The role supplements play in your health and the importance of high-quality supplements (some supplements may be included in the program).
  • How to navigate the jungle of our healthcare system to find the right healthcare provider when you need one. This is a monstrous beast, but it can be slayed.


Next, we conjure a hand-crafted, first-edition, Playbook (engraved with your name) detailing the findings of our living autopsy along with a body repair action plan for the next twelve months.


Be prepared for twists and turns along the way. As we begin conquering some of the root causes and symptoms, more will pop up. They’ve always been there, buried. Surprise, now they’re like a little mole poking his/her head up. Yep, you’ll feel like you’re playing “wack-a-mole”. It’s like peeling an onion – expect them to keep cropping up, until we get to the bottom layer of the onion.

Never fear, we journey through this together! You’ll get step-by-step support and accountability through regular check-ins, results-focused coaching, and personalized plan adjustments—so you have the support you need, every turn of the way.

Ready to Ride Shotgun Together?

Rumor has it…you want a quantum leap to wellness

Take it from me…someone who’s done it – it’s much better on the other side….

Say “open sesame” to these key things…and we’ll lower the moat…

  • Stop the jam, rubber band man, you absolutely can NOT continue the way you have been and would literally sell your first-born child to get well.

  • Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner – you’re ready for a marathon, not a 5K. Nada, to the thought of magic potions, magic genies, magic beans, or any quick fix. You’re ready to go the distance.

  • Gliding like a 747’er, you’re open to new possibilities and are ready to try anything that will get you well, but know you can’t do it alone.

“My healing journey is unique to me yet many can relate. Some highlights are restless leg syndrome -gone, nerve pain in hands -gone, also gone are vertigo, arthritis, and a chronic skin condition to name a few..”

“You know the saying….”if I had a dollar for eveytime…”. For me it was everytime someone judged me for being sick, then it was for the healing journey I chose. My healing journey with this program brought alot of criticism from friends and family. Many felt my quality of life diminshed because I changed the things I ate including not eating out at restaurants. My morning routine was not satisfactory to others as that’s when I prepared my food for the day and many felt it was way too time consuming, I took to many supplements, etc.

The reality is my quality of life is the best it’s ever been. Now I enjoy the things I used to enjoy like cooking, dancing, playing with my kids. I have the mental capacity to do these things and enjoy them, which I didn’t before.

I learned how to be my own decective and understand my body’s cues as to what I need. I was able to get off some of my medictions which was an unexpected blessing. If your’re on the fence about this program, let this be your sign that it’s time to step into the Light – no more darkness.!”

Dan P.

Did I hear a “chitty, chitty, bang, bang YES?

Studies show that people who suffer from chronic and debilitating conditions, can easily rack up tens of thousands of dollars/year from paying for prescriptions & medical bills, emergency room, hospital visit, doctor appointment, having to take time off of work, and more…

The average annual cost for someone with one chronic condition is $47,000. It goes up exponentially with each condition/symptom added, not to mention those with mystery illness. Those costs can easily run up into the $100,000 figure, especially if someone is unable to work due to illness.

Primed to put the kibosh on that – while saving you a life time of big money, too!? Well, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Let’s Do It!

Ripe to get your Vinnie Barbarino strut on -click to purchase the Quantum Leap To Wellness Program

Not quite ready for “Hammer Time”, book a call and let’s chat.

Frequently Asked Questions


You have read it all, but still can’t find the answer to your question?

Then you have come to the right place!

Scroll on down to find the answers to our most popular and frequently asked questions. 



  • How sick do I have to be to do this program?

  • What type of diseases/conditions doe this program treat?

  • What if I have some other type of health issue not mentioned but still need help?

  • Are any of the labs and medications covered in this program?

How sick do I have to be to do this program?

There’s no “level of sickness” that has to be met to enroll in this program. Anyone suffering from any disease or condition will benefit from the program. Many people have multiple diseasse/conditions/symptoms -sometime without even knowing that they do. if you have any type of health issue, it is likely that this is a beneficial proram for you. To make certain, you may book a free discovery call.

What type of diseases/conditions/symptoms does this program treat?

This program is perfect many health situations.  Below is a list of some of them – it is NOT an ALL-INCLUSIVE list:

  •  If you are chronically sick and have not been able to get an diagnosis or help from a healthcare provider.
  • Brain inflammation, brain fog, ocd, neurological symptoms/diseases (Alheimers. Parkinsons, etc), autism
  • Addiction, anxiety, depression, seizures, lyme disease, eating disorders, acne, migraines
  • Autoimmune disorders, bipolar, schiopherenia, restless leg syndrome, eczema, bloating
  • Psoriasis, cysts, pocs, fibroids, hypothyroidism, endometrosis, gut problems, vertigo
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, liver disease, kidney disease, fibromayalgia
  • Gallbladder issues, High cholestrol, high bloodpressure
  • and more….

Are there any labs and medications covered in this program?

This program covers certain labs and medications – it varies depending on the customization of each invidual’s program – you may book a call for more information spefic to you.

Why is the program for 12 months, that seems long?

The quantum leap wellness program is a 12 month immersion program. the program is customized to your specific needs. it typically takes a minimum of a year to rebalance the body and begin healing and is done step by step, at a pace that is right for you.

Most indivuals have many issues that need attention. Sometimes you don’t even realize all the things that are going on -you typically are focused on the one affecting you the most. as we peel back the onion –other issues usually present themselves.

How long it take someone to heal, varies from person to person. In the proram you will begin your healing journey and become educated in how to be in charge of your own health.

What if I have some other type of health issue not mentioned but still need help?

If you have a health issue not mentioned, book a call to see if the quantum leap for wellness program is a good fit for you.

We can always create a custom program for you if needed.


You do not need to be under a doctor’s care to do the program. We have doctors that we work with, so we got you covered. We can refer you out to some stellar healthcare providers also, if needed.

What is the holistic cancer cure program & how is it different from the quantum leap to wellness program ?

While the Quantum Leap To Wellness program can be customized for cancer patients, we realize that a 12 month long program may not be ideal in cancer situations.  Therefore, we have developed a program to focus specifically on cancer that is customized to the individual and their needs.

This program is ideal for:

  • Those diagnosed with cancer and what a holistic approach versus the more traditional approaches of chemo, radition, etc.
  • It’s also perfect for those diagonised with terminal cancer with out any traditional treatment options, who still want some type of treatment option.
  • Those who are post cancer who desire holistic prevention treatment.

What is the long-haul covid program & how is it different from the quantum leap to wellness program?

While the Quantum Leap To Wellness program can be customized for long-haul covid, we have had many requests for a specific long-haul covid program. Therefore, we have developed a program to focus specifically on long-haul covid that is customized to the individual and their needs.

This program is ideal for:

  • Anyone that has been diagnosed with long-haul covid or believes they have it.

  • Anyone with any type of sars related issues



G to the book now to enroll in theQuantum Leap To Wellness
program or you may book a call if you still have questions.
You want to purchase one of the other programs, book a call
to discuss if this program’s right for you.


We accept all major credit cards.


Once you enroll in the program there are no cancellations or
refunds. You may book a call to discuss it the program is
right for you before purchasing.


We are fully committed to protecting your privacy. We do not
sell, trade or rent your personal information to any other
We comply with all hippa guidelines regarding privacy.

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