You’re “Elvis Presley, girating hips” crazy to jump on the bandwagon

Drooling and screaming like a wacky, berserk, crazed teenager at their favorite rock star concert, you crave “thriving health” like you do that made-from-scratch, squisito Neapolitan pizza, you had in Italy. You can still feel it melting away in your mouth like ice cream on a sunny day. Nada, to the thought of magic potions, magic genies, magic beans, or any quick fix.
Chomping at the bit to be a roadie on the tour of “thriving health”, like Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon in The Banger Sisters – you’ll pony up to climb Mount Everest during an avalanche, if that’s what it takes.
Just like climbing Mount Everest, you’ll need a guide. Someone who knows where to start, the best path to take, what to be prepared for….to grant you the best chance of achieving your goal. Copperboom, I’m at your service!
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