Like most ghouls and goblins out there, I pretty much took my body- and all it does- for granted…until I didn’t. 

Yes, I did all the typical teenage/young adult stuff -tanning, self-tanning creams, slathering on lotions, skin care products, makeup – all full of toxic chemicals. Ignorantly yes, but hey, those were the times. 

Had parents that smoked (yippee), even put bleach on mosquito bites as that was supposedly the best way to stop the itching.

I’m pretty sure it was impossible to avoid all that, as you were basically conditioned to not think about stuff like that, especially back then.

Heaven forbid we actually delved into what was really in our food (an ingredient to the magic potion recipe of thriving health that you get with this program – no eye rolling…this is little known info even to the medical community…so much so, you’d think it was top secret).

I did get focused on nutrition though, when I got interested in bodybuilding (yes, did the whole competition thing). 

I was an avid reader (still am). Along with Little Women, I read books about vitamins and supplements and what they did for the body even before I got into bodybuilding (a little spooky I know).

The competition thing was grueling, so I buried that in the graveyard with a nice tombstone, after a while. Was still a gym rat though…until I wasn’t.

Eerily, my bodily slowly began shutting down, “turning me” (like a vampire does) into one of the Walking Dead (I’ve never watched that series but I’m sure I could have had a leading role!)- eventually stranding me on mattress island (my home for over a decade).

Like many of the testimonials here, I went to doctor after doctor, and heard “there’s nothing wrong with you”, – all the while I was enduring the most bloodcurdling, tortuous existence imaginable (well actually nobody can imagine it or understand it – unless they have firsthand experience).

Eventually you become diabolical and beg/barter the Universe for death. Yep, I did – bartered.

Alakazam (or however that works), a week later I got connected to a doctor that spoke the most mesmerizing words – words I salivated to hear…”yes, there are about 10 things wrong with you, all treatable…but we have to get to the root cause of these symptoms”.

(That’s right…you heard me – I was ecstatic to hear “something was wrong” coming out of a doctor’s mouth – at that point, didn’t really care if it was fixable or not).

And we did kind of (more on the “kind of” later) get to the root cause … (yes, there are some good ones out there). You’ll learn how to find and partner with the right healthcare professional for you (when you need one) in this program (along with a cauldron of other things).

Well, that’s not a wrap! The story doesn’t stop there (that was just the cliff notes version). It wasn’t Utopia after that.

It was not quite as simple as finding the right doctor to work with. 

I still had to scrape and claw my way out of the quicksand, but it was easier. 

The whole story another time… The moral of the story – you must take charge of your own health and not rely on healthcare professionals as the authority -just a partner when you need them.

After 15 years being caught up in the repetitive and dissatisfying cyclone of the healthcare system, I realized I had become a vault of golden knowledge that could guide those flying around the desert on a broom with no name-back to the thriving beings – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – they are born to be. 

So, I created an out-of-this world program to do just that.

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